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• Package Contents: 1 Miniature Lamp and 1 Miniature Duck with Pond
• Made of resin waterproof, rust-proof and durable.
• The miniature stone houses, villas provide beautiful decorations for your windows, flower pots, potted plants, miniature gardens, desks, etc.
• They are also suitable for toy houses, glass containers, moss landscapes, etc.
• Usage: DIY resin crafts. Mini Garden Decoration, Micro Landscape Ornaments, Succulent Plant Decoration Accessories etc.

Material: Resin; Size:4 x 2.5 cm and 3.5 x 3 cm; Package includes:2 pcs Miniature Fairy Garden Duck and Lamb Stone Houses. A captivating addition that invites you to create miniature landscapes bursting with charm and character. These intricately designed duck pond and lamp sculptures enhance your gardening and creative activities, adding a touch of natural beauty to your own little world. Properties: Enchanting Garden Delight: Liven up your miniature landscape with the magic of our Resin Lamp, Ducks with Pond Miniatures. These cute duck figures, accompanied by a beautifully detailed pond, infuse your creations with a sense of wonder and natural charm. Perfect for Bonsai and Tray Gardening: Designed for bonsai collections and tray gardens, these miniatures serve as captivating focal points. Whether nestled among bonsai trees or decorating a carefully crafted tray garden, they create scenes that transport you to a tranquil, miniature oasis. Intricate Resin Artistry: Each Duck And Pond Miniature Is A Testament To Craftsmanship. The lifelike features of the ducks and the mirrors of the pond create realistic textures of nature's beauty, providing a truly immersive experience within a small space. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: These miniatures are more than just decorative elements – they are vessels of creativity. Let your imagination roam free as you incorporate these figures into your miniature landscapes, fairy gardens, or other creative projects. Each placement tells a unique story. Unveil the beauty of our set of 2 Resin Ducks and Lamp Garden/Bonsai Miniature and embark on a journey of creativity. Enhance your gardening efforts with these charming figures, creating scenes that create a sense of magic and intrigue. Dive into the world of miniature artistry - order now and bring your creative vision to life!

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